Private Medical Practice Dr. Anemari Fischer

Since the very opening – 1st of July 2002 – we offered to our clients excellent services, assuring a comfortable and soothing atmosphere, a relaxing environment where they can return with ease. We focus on giving a relaxing experience, informing and reasuring our pacients.

diplome anemari fischer (1)Reliability and quality of the treatement come first in our doctor-pacient relationship. Each case is treated the way we ourselves would like to be treated: with patience, comprehension, calmness and professionalism. We are lenient when it comes to understanding our subjects oral health problems and we disscus every step of the treatment, of the therapeutic maneouvers that will follow.
We understand that our subjects resort to requesting dental treatment mainly when having sever pain, being affraid of the pain, and so we aproach this situations with calm and condolence.

diplome anemari fischer (2)Each pacient is important and treated acordingly. We wish to fond long therm relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Our goal is to offer the best services and to keep our pacients carefree and smiling.

We’re constantly searching for novelty in the dental field and this translates into using modern treatment techniques and up-to-date materials. We also personalize our services for you at affordable costs, guiding you through making the right choices for your dental health.