Intra-oral video-camera

  • allows the inspection of less visible oral cavities
  • allows the view of dental arches by both patient and doctor
  • allows the observation of the clinical situation before and after diverse dental maneuvers

Apex locator

  • assures the success of a canal treatment
  • it's a device used in the dentistry field to measure the length of the radicular canal during endodontic treatment – length is shown on the screen

Whitening lamp

  • assures teeth whitening with immediate results
  • it's a fast procedure
  • provides a long lasting teeth whitening

Ultrasonics scaling machine

  • emits ultrasounds that efficiently remove subgingival and supragingival scale, with no pain and easier than manual scaling

Prophylaxis air-flow machine

  • assures a more effective cleaning after scaling and after professional brushing
  • assures a very good cleaning of dental prosthesis
  • it's a machine that puffs a thin layer of water mixed with abrasive particles
  • assures a very good removal of teeth stains

Dental electrocautery machine

  • it's a machine that uses electric power to cease bleeding and to remodel gingiva


  • - With hot air - at 180 Celsius degrees with pupinel TAU STERIL 2000 automatic
  • - With steam - with automatic autoclave that shows on display when the sterilization is complete