Guarantee periods

  • Mobile dental works:
    • partial dental prosthesis - 2 years
    • total dental prosthesis - 2 years
  • Fixed dental works:
    • dental crowns - 4 years
    • dental arches - 4 years
  • Crown obturations - 2 years

Guarantee loss

Guarantee will be lost:

  1. If the dentist's instructions are unregarded.
  2. If the patient does not return for examination and prophylactic every 6 months.
  3. If oral hygiene is neglected.
  4. If mobile dental works (total or partial dental prosthesis) are not well-kept and maintained.
  5. If the patient has an overall medical condition that affects his dental health ( chemotherapy, ostreoporosis, diabetes).
  6. If prosthesis and treatments are not integrally paid
  7. When dental works are deteriorated by external causes such as drops, accidents, hits.
  8. The guaranty is arguable if the patient presents periodontal affections (physiological atrophy of dental tissue).
  9. Any intervention of the patient on the dental work (using the nails file, gluing with superglue, cleaning with house cleaning substances) will lose the guaranty.